Euromex DZ series

Euromex DZ series

The modern DZ stereomicroscopes are modular configured around a central zoom body. The first with a 1:6,3 zoom ratio, a  second with a 1:8 zoom ratio and a third with a 1:10 zoom ratio. The DZ modular microsope – with his Extra Wide Field eyepieces, Plan Apochromatic 0.5x, 1x and 2x common objectives, the ergonomical stereo head with 10-50° inclined tubes or a fstereohead with 20° inclined tubes, stand with incident and transmitted LED illuminations – belongs together with the Euromex D series, to the top stereomicroscopes of Euromex

Euromex binocularstereo microscope

DZ stereo ergonomisch R

Euromex DZ Zoom body

DZ PhotoTube L