Research System

Powerful, flexible data acquisition systems that make science easier

Record and analyze physiological signals from human and animal subjects.
LabChart software and PowerLab hardware offer versatile solutions for life science research. Choose a research field below to explore the options.

Exercise Physiology System                                                          Wireless EMG System

Pages from Exercise Physiology Brochure,,,

Pages from ADInstruments-Delsys-Trigno- wireless

Langendorff  System                                                             Isolated Tissue

(Constant Pressure or Flow)                                       Organ Bath System

Pages from Langendorff (farmakologi )Isolated_Tissue_ (farmakologi)

NIBP System                                                                                            Wireless Monitoring Animal

                                                                                                                               ( Telemetry System )

Untitled-1Wireless Animal Monitoring-Telemetry system